Monday, November 24, 2008

My Night at Maud's

This film is by Eric Rohmer and came out in 1969. It is a love story, but different that the usual love story. When Jean-Louis sees Maud in a church he decides immediately that she will become his wife.

This film has quite a bit of comedy, the usual and unusual love story stuff and even religion in it. This film focuses mainly on religion and how religion affects the characters decisions.

The film is very dialogue based, yet it still seems to move quickly. It doesn't leave too much time to question what will come next.

This film was easily relatable. We see the themes of lust, love, and religion all being intertwined.

Maud in this film was portrayed as a strong woman which is a nice change from how most women seem to be portrayed in all the french new wave films. Usually they are portrayed as stupid or manipulative beings only here for men's pleasure. However Maud is strong and clearly an equal with the male characters.

I enjoyed this film, not very often can religion be intertwined so easily in a film that can still be enjoyable to the masses.

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