Monday, October 27, 2008


First off, it was so awesome going to a movie premier! They had security guards at the door checking for taping devices, making sure all cell phone were turned OFF.

This was an odd film. A young man, who works at a working colonial farm, is trying to find a way to make money to pay for his mom, who has dementia/alzhiemers, to stay in her nice nursing home. To make things exciting, he is a sex addict. In the very beginning of the film he goes to a sex addict meeting, but rather than attending had a quick encounter with a fellow meeting goer in the restroom.

I had to really laugh, a mom brough her four kids to this rated R movie, and ten minutes in was forced to leave, and there was so much nudity and sex taking place that I am sure her oldest child, (maybe 10) must have started asking questions.

I still, a month later dont know what I really think about this film. The main character has no morals at all. Granted the surpise twist, was a MAJOR suprise (I wont go into detail so you can still see it!) But a major twist you would never, ever have seen coming! The film was extremely graphic, maybe more so than it needed to be. It for sure was a film that made you think, and one that could be discussed for a while after coffee.

My recomendation: Go see it, don't take you kids!

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